About Us

Dr. Johnson, nurses and staff use the latest technology to provide the best quality care to our young patients at The Center For Pediatric Excellence. We understand how important it is to treat each child in a compassionate and nurturing environment, while communicating openly with their families.

Whether your child needs routine immunizations, a sports physical, a flu or strep test or even a well-child check-up, schedule your child's next visit with one of our experienced pediatricians and take advantage of our same-day appointments.

As the caregiver, the parent/guardian is the best source of information about a child. For this reason, our doctor makes it a point to listen to what parents/guardians have to say. With our treatment, we can offer patients:

  • Well-child visits
  • School physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Sick-child visits
  • Asthma treatment and management
  • Flu treatment
  • Pink eye treatment
  • Minor injury treatment

The type of reason for visiting us can change how the overall appointment goes. The two common types of visits include well-child visits and sick-child visits.


Pediatric Services

  • Prenatal Consultations
  • Well-Child Check-ups
  • Vaccinations & Immunizations
  • School & Sports Physicals
  • Hearing & Vision Screenings
  • Health & Nutrition Education
  • Asthma
  • Pink Eye
  • Skin Rash
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Learning & Developmental Disabilities
  • Care & Treatment of Minor Injuries
  • Care of common Illnesses, & More!


Well-child visits

The pediatric practitioner will offer well-child visits for infants, toddlers, older children and teenagers. A typical well-child visit includes a wellness check and sometimes, preventative measures.

School physicals

While some schools require physical examinations at the start of each school year, not everyone does. Regardless, school physicals play an important role in ensuring the child's overall growth is healthy. Children who play sports may need to pass a medical exam that gives them the all-clear to participate in demanding activities. Our doctor offers school physicals when the parent/guardian asks for one.


Vaccines protect children from common illnesses that they may be exposed to as they grow. Our practice offers an immunization schedule that starts after birth and goes all the way up to adulthood.

Some children with weakened immune systems will need vaccinations that are tailor-made to their conditions. Our practice will provide such vaccines, in collaboration with any other specialist that the child sees.

CDC Vaccine Information


Sick child visits

We also offer treatment for common illnesses and injuries that happen to the child. Here are a few of the most common services that we offer.

Asthma treatment and management

An asthma attack can be frightening and distressing for both parents/guardians and children. Our practice provides monitoring and asthma treatment for children under the age of five. We also treat asthma in older children.

Asthma treatment usually involves prescribing short-acting drugs if the asthma attacks are few and far between. If the symptoms are constant, then we may put the child on long-term medication that prevents inflammation of the airway. We will also go over proper care techniques to help the child avoid possible asthma triggers.

Flu treatment

The flu can cause a high fever in a child. It is always better to be on the safe side and bring the child in for treatment. We will confirm the child has the flu, recommend treatment and possibly prescribe medication to ease symptoms.

Pink eye treatment

Pink eye can be caused by an allergy, virus or bacteria. Often, children with pink eye will also have a cold or a sore throat. We will start by figuring out what type of infection caused the pink eye. If it is a bacterial infection, we may prescribe a course of antibiotics.

If it is caused by an allergy, we will treat the allergy itself. If the pink eye is viral, then it will need to run its course. We will advise parents/guardians through the recovery.

Minor injury treatment

No matter how much parents/guardians prepare for an injury, accidents happen. Minor injuries can include large cuts, twisted ankles, broken/fractured bones and more. If parents/guardians are unsure about the extent of the child's injury, then they can call us to learn what they need to do. In serious cases, the child will need to go to an ER.